fazangjiang temple

fazangjiang temple
Fa Zang Jiang Si, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200085

Fazangjiang temple

271 Ji’an road


metro line10: laoximen (exit 4)

mon-sun 0730-1600

5 rmb

This small active buddhist temple, built in 1929 after five years of construction, is a quiet oasis within walking distance from popular xintiandi entertainment district. Unlike in some of the other more famous temples in Shanghai, you are not likely to encounter hordes of tourists here, but rather share the temple grounds with active worshippers.


The temple structure is quite unique: the entrance is on the west flank and not on the south side, where it is usally located. Furthermore, the main hall is located inside a tower like structure.


There is also a very small vegeterian restaurant adjacent to the temple serving simple dishes.


For a larger Buddhist temple complex with long history, I highly recommend to visit Longhua temple in the western part of Shanghai.