jade buddha temple

jade buddha temple
170 Anyuan Rd, Jing'an, China, 200060

Jade buddha temple

170 anyuan road


mon-sun 0800-1630

metro line 13: jiangning road (exit 2), metro line 5: changshou road (exit 5) + 10 min walk

20 rmb

The Jade Buddha temple is an active buddhist temple, relocated to its current position in early 20th century.  It is most famous for its white jade buddha statues, particularly the sitting buddha made from one piece of burmese jade, which can be seen in the jade buddha chamber (no photos allowed). Previosuly the jade buddha chamber was on the 2nd floor and a separate ticket (10 rmb) had to be purchased, the chamber has now been relocated to a different building and is free of charge.

The temple complex also houses a vegetarian restaurant offering cheap noodles and other vegetarian dishes.

Note: Jade Buddha temple was at the time of writing (july 2017) undergoing major renovations. With many of the old temple halls having vanished, the temple has clearly become less appealing. Therefore, i would rather recommend to visit longhua temple unless you are anyway nearby (moganshan road is around 15min walk) or care to see the jade buddhas.


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